Unity Christian School hosted the Education on Purpose banquet featuring Lt. Col. Oliver North as a part of the school’s efforts to raise $1,000,000 over two years through the Education on Purpose Campaign. The banquet was attended by more than 800 guests who were treated to patriotic tributes by Unity students and a compelling address delivered by Lt. Col. Oliver North.

Director of Advancement, Dr. Courtney Cash, announced today that the event generated more than $170,700 in sponsorships, donations and pledges. “This was a historic event for Unity. There was a buzz throughout the community because of Lt. Col. North coming to town. We are very thankful for his partnership with the school, and for all those who bought tables and gave so generously to support our current campaign,” said Cash.

Col. North kicked off the giving for the evening by presenting a $1,000 check to Dr. Cash, while challenging others to respond with a similar gift. Within less than a minute, Col. North counted out more than 40 willing donors ready to meet his challenge.

Cash said of the experience, “We were overwhelmed in the moment to see so many indicate such a willingness to invest in the cause of Unity and its students. And, the momentum is still going. For the last three weeks, donations and pledges have been steadily coming in.”

“We believe in the importance of quality Christian education, and quality Christian education in Rome. The Education on Purpose Banquet was one of many opportunities for us to reach out and engage our community as partners in this cause. It is a great blessing to have our community respond in such a significant and impactful way.”

The Unity Christian School Education on Purpose Campaign is a part of the school’s efforts to continue to improve academic offerings and educational environments, while administering growth in the areas of innovative technologies, athletics, and fine arts. The $1,000,000 strategic initiative allows the school to continue to offer excellence in education as it addresses the challenges of an expanding student population.