A 30 year-old Rome woman, Crystal Renee Boswell, has been arrested in connection to an armed robbery that occurred at the Studio 6 Motel on Chateau Drive on Tuesday. The victim reported that he was in his room when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, he allegedly saw Boswell. That is when he said a black male pushed his way inside and pistol whipped him. The suspects then proceeded to take close to $360 in cash.

Reports went on to say that when they spoke to Boswell she stated that she did not know the black male and that he had walked up and ambushed her. Officers added that she later changed her story and said she met the male at a gas station down the road.

Officers said that they were shown video from a surveillance camera that allegedly saw Boswell walking from the back side of the motel with the suspect to the room that was robbed. The camera showed Boswell knock on the motel door with the black male`s back against the wall. Officers added that once the room`s door was open the black make walked in.

The victim told police that he used to date Boswell and that earlier in the day she had come to his room asking for drugs and money. He added that he gave her $3 and took her to McDonalds before asking her to leave him alone.

According to the report, Boswell said that she and the suspect were dropped off by two other people at Burnell Hill Road when they walked to the motel.

Boswell was then arrested and charged with armed robbery and obstruction.