On July 10, AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Cedartown celebrated its first year since reopening. The journey has taken years, but now serves patients both new and former, serving as a catalyst to community health for many.

In 2021, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) shuttered the Redmond Family Care Clinic which had served Cedartown since 2015 at the 1168 N Main Street location and several decades before at other locations. At the time, HCA owned Redmond Regional Medical Center, and the Walkers had been visiting the clinic for six years. The closing forced the couple to drive from Cedartown to Rome for treatment at Redmond’s Internal Medicine Clinic. 

While a 30-minute drive may seem simple for some, Homer, 76, and Gerri, 66, found it to be a very difficult and tiresome commute. The Walkers were not the only ones left scrambling from the clinic’s closure. Jina Ford, NP-C, Redmond Family Care’s former family nurse practitioner, and other team members of the clinic, found themselves suddenly searching for new employment options.

Following AdventHealth’s acquisition of Redmond Regional Center in the fall of 2021, AdventHealth prioritized its footprint in Polk County and re-opened the clinic in Cedartown in July 2023 in the same location as before. Newly named AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Cedartown, the citizens of Polk County had a new health care clinic they could rely on, and former team members had the opportunity to reunite in their newly renovated clinic. However, trust had to be reestablished between patients and the community.

“AdventHealth Redmond’s administration has been helpful every step of the way as Jina and I have helped to rebuild the clinic’s footprint in Polk County,” said Tammy Jarrell, practice manager.

One of the main ways team members at AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Cedartown have been building trust is through community events. On average, the clinic hosts, sponsors or participates in more than 20 events a year and offers general care to citizens of Polk County. Recently, through their partnership with Polk County, the clinical team provided biometric screenings to more than 210 county employees in two and a half days. “We don’t only provide great care to our patients, but we give back to our community and show them the love they deserve,” said Jarrell. 

Another way the clinic supports the community is by bringing the best providers to town. AdventHealth Redmond recently hired Dr. Greta Flaherty, DO, who specializes in osteopathic medicine and is well-known throughout the Northwest Georgia region. For two consecutive years, Dr. Flaherty has been named Best Family Doctor by the Rome News-Tribune annual Best in Rome publication.

“Intentionality is key and bringing a provider in as skilled as Dr. Flaherty who also has ties to the community was a no-brainer,” said Ford. 

AdventHealth’s commitment to Polk County gained attention from long-time residents like the Walkers. When asked why Gerri and her husband returned to the clinic, she continually referred to the people.

“The staff listens, they are present in every conversation, and they truly care,” Gerri said. “It was not an easy past few years after the clinic shut its doors. I would have conversations with Homer, and we would talk about how we wished the closing never happened.” 

A clinic’s success often stems from incredible patient experiences. More so, the hope of positive clinical outcomes gets a patient to the care of a provider, either in or outside of the hospital setting, but personal connection is what brings them back.

“The staff makes you feel like you matter,” said Homer. “From the moment we arrive, they ask us how our day is going and about our family. You don’t get those kinds of interactions everywhere; we always leave the clinic in a better mood and feeling better about our health.”

AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Cedartown plans to bring advancement of a new era of health care in Polk County. To that end, it does not just stop at the Family and Internal Medicine clinic. Right next door to the clinic is AdventHealth Redmond Sports Med & Rehab Cedartown. AdventHealth Redmond Sports Med & Rehab Cedartown is dedicated to providing physical and occupational therapy, as well as specialized rehab programs. Their clinic offers a multitude of services: cardiac rehabilitation, industrial rehabilitation, inpatient rehabilitation, occupational therapy, outpatient rehab, Parkinson’s rehab, physical therapy and speech therapy.

To schedule an appointment with AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Cedartown, call 770-749-1005 or visit 1168 North Main Street, Suite 110 in Cedartown.