Emily Wallace is known for doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done in the Emergency Care Center

The medical assistant at Atrium Health Floyd Medical Center was praised by Ashley Davenport, RN, who nominated her for a BEE Award. Wallace was surprised by the award this week. BEE stands for Beyond Exceptional Expectations, and the BEE award nominations are made by nursing peers.

Wallace “goes over and beyond for every patient or patient’s family member that she meets,” Davenport wrote. “I have seen her countless times consoling patients or their families after tough times such as illness or trauma. I have seen her get blankets, water, change bedding or bathe patients without being asked, or simply just having a conversation.

“There was one time when a patient from a nursing facility came to the ER and was covered in a dirty gown and had a soiled brief,” Davenport continued. “Without hesitation she brought in all the materials for a bed bath, bed linen change, and a new gown. I never see her hesitate when it comes to patient care or to help a co-worker.”

Wallace has been a teammate at Floyd since 2017. She said she began working in the ECC when COVID first hit.

“I enjoy helping my teammates and patients,” Wallace said. “I will mop the floor if that is necessary.”