Branden McKinley Madison, 28 of Ellenwood, was arrested in Rome this week after reports said he was pulled over for driving under the influence and then later taking drugs inside the jail.

Police said that they stopped Madison on Ga 20 near Hine Road for not maintaining his lane of travel.

While speaking with Madison, officers said that they detected odors of burnt marijuana and alcohol.

It was also discovered that his license had been suspended for failing to appear in court.

A search of the vehicle then led officers to find a bottle containing several MDMA (ecstasy) pills and an opened bottle of Jose Cuervo.

After arriving at the jail, deputies found marijuana in his pocket.

Madison is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of a schedule I controlled substance, unlawful possession of an controlled substance by an inmate. Driving on a suspended license, DUI, open container, and failure to maintain lane.