I do not think college football is dead, despite what message boards and naysayers have been shouting from the hilltops.

It’s just not fun anymore.

Let me explain.  College football is now an all or nothing sport. No longer does beating rivals’ matter. As a matter of fact, starting next year no longer does playing for your conference championship matter.  This is all because of the 12-team playoff.

I am not even going to get deep into the transfer portal or NIL.  All of which I think is dumb. I do not mind college athletes making a little cheese. To quote all the kids, they got to “stand on business.”  HOWEVER, that money should come from sales of the schools. If a player jersey sells, give them a little cheese.  Divide a portion (evenly) seat sales to the players of that particular game.  Shoot, tell me Liv Dunne and those LSU girls wouldn’t be making some bank! But this open checkbook to college AMAETUR (*cough*) athletes is making college football not fun.  I am tired of the Wild West approach.  I do miss the days of handing out McDonald’s bags or camping visits to Pat Dye’s cabin.

I digress.

When you are playing in the Orange Bowl and people keep saying that the game does not matter there is a problem.  I will forever believe if you are a team and playing in either the Rose, Orange, Sugar, or Fiesta you are playing in an extremely important ballgame. Call me old school.  I loved this era.

However, these are not the days we are living in.  The newer generation is an all or nothing entitlement generation and, in my opinion, that just sucks.  However, it is what it is.

So why is playing in your conference championship game a waste of time and literally going to hurt you going forward after this year?

Let us look at the Southeastern Conference.  You will no longer have to win it; you no longer must play in it.  Starting next year, the sweet spot will be the number 3 or maybe even number 4 rated SEC team.   You will make the playoffs.

Heck, you are more that likely even going to HOST a playoff game.  So, by not playing in it you are avoiding playing a top-notch team that could knock you down the ratings despite being the number one rated team all season. 

By avoiding the SEC title game, you will likely host a playoff game and then as a result host the number 11 or 12 team.

You are now playing in the same number of games but with an easier opponent? Yo don’t get a bye but you don’t have to play in the SECCG.

Plus, after all you get the all-mighty $$$$.  Think of how the gate revenue will be!  Toss in if you are a season ticket holder and get those big-ticket games!  More money in our pockets!

Just look at 2022 for instance. Last year LSU played UGA while Bama and Tennessee sat at home, resting.

Granted neither would have gotten a bye but that home game would be nice.

The loser of the SEC game gets to play an extra game and then likely has to travel or host a game to advance.

So it is an extra game for the loser (with injuries like Mims) while No. 3 has an easier road.

The old days of college football is sadly gone.  Either we can adjust or just start following the NFL.  At least with the NFL most of the players are going to stick around for more than a year.