In August, 2023, the Sheriff’s Office received a report of a burglary at a local turf manufacturing farm on Pine Chapel Road in which a firearm and an all terrain vehicle was stolen. Detectives developed and followed a number of leads, including multiple interviews and covert surveillance. On November 7, detectives tracked a box truck near Red Bud which had been reported stolen from an address in Calhoun a couple of days before. This truck was recovered, the driver and a female passenger were arrested for Receiving Stolen Property as well as (unrelated) shoplifting.

Coordinating with Calhoun Police, the vehicle was impounded, and subsequently returned to the victim. The detectives then obtained a warrant to search the premises at 1505 Pine Chapel Road where stolen lawn maintenance equipment was recovered and two (2) persons were arrested for Receiving Stolen Property and other charges. Continuing their investigation, detectives proceeded in canvassing for witnesses in both Gordon and Murray counties. During the course of following these leads, a number of other persons, known associates of other defendants, were arrested. Detectives recovered an expensive stolen firearm at the home of a third party.

A consensual search at a residence in Murray County yielded additional stolen property i.e. a ‘zero-turn’ lawnmower which had been reported stolen in early November. This item was recovered and returned to the owner as well. Shortly thereafter, detectives received a tip that an automobile on Iracil Lane was carrying stolen property. Detectives executed a search warrant at a private home on Iracil Lane and recovered additional stolen goods and also methamphetamine. One person was arrested there. During the execution of this warrant, information was developed therein which led them to a private residence on US Highway 41 North where more persons were arrested and another stolen ‘zero turn’ lawnmower was recovered.

The total number of persons arrested during the course of the investigation was thirteen:

The total number of persons arrested during the course of the investigation was thirteen:


The total amount of recovered stolen property was valued at over $55,000.00. One person was also charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm suppressor.