Jason Jay Kornow, 39 of Aragon, was arrested in Bartow County this week after reports said he stole a bag that contained $10,000 from behind the counter of the Chevron Food Mart on West Avenue.

The robbery occurred just after 8 pm on Saturday.

The clerk said that the bag was filled with cash that is used to pay out winnings from scratch-off lottery tickets.

Reports said that, “According to the teller, once the male walked behind the counter, he simply stood in front of her without saying anything, giving her direct eye contact, while taking the bag… The male never touched or spoke to the teller, and once he took the bag, he fled the location in a silver vehicle.”

Kornow is charged with robbery by sudden snatching, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, driving on a suspended license and a probation violation.

While being transported to the jail,  Kornow is recorded to tell the officer, “I feel as I was taking money illegally owned as the store pays cash prizes for their machines.”; “When I took the bag I didn’t realize it was going to have so much money in it”; “I just had a baby and diapers are expensive.”