These are the “glory days” for Georgia Bulldog football fans.

Not even Herchel won back-to-back. However, following the three great years of Walker, the team went back to mediocre.

I dont think that is going to happen. I’m not saying that the team will three-peat, but I am saying that the Dawgs will be in the conversation and will continue to do so for the next foreseeable future.

However, Georgia fans have taken a beating for years about always being a “bridesmaid” but never the “bride”. With that, I say let’s look at the last century and how the program has built itsself and you can decide whether or not the Dawgs are only a temporary fluke.

Since 1936, when the AP poll was introduced, Georgia has won the 5th most games of any program. That’s more than Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Southern Cal.

Since 1968, or the modern era of the AP poll where polling criteria largely became consistent, Georgia is 7th in total wins and win percentage and has three consensus AP national titles, good for T-5th, only trailing Bama, OU, Nebraska and Miami during that timeframe. 1968 is when the AP poll began consistently crowning national champions after bowl games.

In the past 25 seasons, Georgia is the 3rd winningest program by total wins (252) and winning percentage at (76.6%), besting Alabama (who has more 10+ win seasons than us by one in the past 25 seasons) by 16 games. Yes, you read that right. Georgia has won 16 more games than Alabama over the past 25 seasons. We have averaged just over 10 wins per year over the last 25 seasons. Remarkable.

Georgia has the second most conference titles in the SEC with 14, second most bowl appearances and second most bowl victories in all of college football. Had there not been northern media bias in college football back in the day, the Dawgs are the AP champs in ‘42 and the undisputed champs then too with titles in multiple generations.

These last two national championships, while great for getting the proverbial monkey off our back, were really more of a validation of the program they’ve always been and the right sizing of data.

Auburn, Florida, UT, Clemson, etc. aren’t on our level and won’t ever be. Who’s to say if UGA is a college football “blue blood” or not, but the story of college football can’t be written without the University of Georgia.