Gordon County officials this week approved an adoption of a resolution requesting the Board of Elections to call for a referendum of a 2023 SPLOST.

The proposal seeks to continue an expiring one cent tax that would begin on May 1, 2024 and continue for six years.  The estimated revenue is expected to be around $77 million

Voters would have a chance to vote on the continuum in this November’s elections.  

SPLOT dollars are distributed based on population, with 66.98% to Gordon County, 29.45% to Calhoun, 1.61% to Resaca, 1.34% to Fairmount, and 0.62% to Plainville.

Gordon County’s SPLOST list includes money for Public Works for roads and bridges, as well as equipment; public safety equipment, vehicles, and facilities; Parks and Recreation; countywide facility renovations; and joint municipal projects with Resaca, Fairmount, and Plainville. 

For the City of Calhoun, projects on the list include a new Police Department vehicle fleet; Fire Department pumper apparatus vehicles, personnel turnout gear, and construction of a Fire Station No. 4; Recreation Department building renovations, ball field and concessions upgrades, playground and pavilion renovations, and maintenance equipment; Public Works funds for upgrades to Curtis Parkway, general street repairs and maintenance, equipment, and cemetery, parks and animal control funds; Utilities funds for water line replacement and upgrades, sewer and stormwater infrastructure, a belt press for wastewater treatment, and other equipment; as well as renovations to historic downtown city-owned buildings. 

Fairmount’s list includes city street upgrades and repairs; construction and renovations of municipal buildings; recreation land, building, and equipment purchases; and water and sewer projects and equipment. 

The Town of Resaca’s list includes road improvements and maintenance; water and sewer improvements; recreation facility upgrades and maintenance; City Hall and Public Works facilities improvements and maintenance; and other welfare improvement items.  

For Plainville, its list includes stormwater improvements; city facilities and recreation grounds upgrades and improvements; a tractor and other equipment; as well as new and replacement signage.  

The Calhoun Times Contributed to this report.