This week Gordon County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit detectives and other deputy sheriffs executed a search warrant at a private residence at 215 Maplewood drive  in Calhoun. The warrant was the culmination of a lengthy investigation into illicit methamphetamine trafficking. Pursuant to the warrant, detectives discovered and seized a large quantity of methamphetamine, packaging and sales paraphernalia, and an assortment of electronic communications devices. Detectives had been conducting surveillance on the home for some time prior to the execution of the warrant, observing and recording a number of persons coming and leaving from the residence. Deputies arrested Fite Howell Casey, age 60, of Calhoun along with Charlotte Nadine Jameson, age 56, also of Calhoun at the scene without resistance. They have been charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and are being held in the county jail.

A large amount of electronic information was gathered through the seizure of communications devices and additional arrests and indictments are imminent.

Casey is on (felony) probation stemming from a prior drug trafficking conviction in Bartow County.

Sheriff Ralston said, “This methamphetamine seizure and these arrests are the direct result of the excellent relationship we enjoy with the people we serve here in Calhoun and Gordon County. Our ordinary citizens are our ‘eyes and ears’. In spite of the federal government’s ‘open borders’ policy wherein massive amounts of illegal drugs flood into our country and subsequently into our local communities on a daily basis, our relentless fight against this poison and those who profit from it remains. As we’ve always done, we strive for excellence in our commitment to stem the flow of methamphetamine and fentanyl into our community. I am proud of the work my detectives in the Drug Enforcement Unit did in this case, and now the defendants will be held accountable before a jury of Gordon County citizens.”