Forty-six-year-old Troy Wayne Tanner was found guilty of two counts of rape, two counts of aggravated child molestation, and two counts of incest.  He was found not guilty of one count of rape, one count of aggravated child molestation, and one count of incest. During a hearing before Judge Scott Smith Monday, Tanner received two life sentences.

The jury found that Tanner committed indecent and immoral acts on a child under the age of 16.  The victim testified that the abuse spanned 8 years.  The victim said the abuse occurred several days per week.  When the abuse began, Tanner used the promise of candy, but as the child matured, he offered time on the cell phone for sexual favors.  The victim said Tanner recorded them with a cell phone on at least one occasion.  The abuse finally stopped when another adult found a pregnancy test used by the teen.  The victim was not pregnant but made an outcry that landed Tanner in jail.  Prior to sentencing, Judge Smith also called Tanner’s acts vile, saying he could never understand how anyone could do this to a child.  Tanner did not comment during the sentencing hearing.

From WBHF Radio