Robert Allen Bost, 37 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he destroyed Floyd County Police property while attacking officers during his arrest.

The incident began after officers stopped Bost for riding a bicycle along Third Street without reflective lighting and on the wrong side of the road.

Officers added that while questioning Bost, he gave them a fake name and date of birth.

 Police then began to place Bost under arrest, however, Bost became combative.  The altercation became when he allegedly initially refused to place his hands behind his back. Then while being placed in a patrol car, Bost is accused of kicking an officer in the chest.

After being placed in the patrol car Bost kicked the back windshield completely out.  He was then transported to a 2nd vehicle where he repeatedly hit his head against the window causing that one to become cracked.

Bost is charged with felony obstruction of an officer, interference with government property, 2nd degree criminal damage to property, riding a bicycle on a roadway, equipment violation for a bicycle, obstruction and giving false information to police.