Mateus Brandon McDowell, 32 of Monroe, was recently in Polk County following a “getting off probation party”.

Reports said that the night began with McDowell and his girlfriend celebrating her getting off probation at the Stateline Tavern and Grill in Floyd County.  The two then left the bar and headed to Cedartown.  It was then, the victim stated, McDowell thought the victim stole his cell phone. 

While on the way, McDowell beat the victim in the face and arms.  Police said that they found the victim with bruising and bleeding to her face and the inability to move her arm.  Reports added that her orbital socket was broken and her arm was fractured.

McDowell is also accused of taking the victim’s cell phone with him before fleeing to Monroe.

McDowell is charged with robbery and theft by taking.

Since the attack occurred in Floyd County, warrants are being taken out for his arrest in Rome.

Update: McDowell is charged with aggravated battery in Rome