Two men, Eric Alamia, 38 of Rome, and Tyler Tremaine Gibbons, 39 of Rome, were arrested this week for the armed robbery of the Burger King on Shorter Avenue in West Rome.

Reports said that the went into the restaurant with the help of two others and demanded cash from the safe and register.

They were aided by Jerricus Jamar Wade, 33 of Rome, who worked at the restaurant and was arrested earlier.

According to police, Wade, an employee at the restaurant, showed up after hours and told employees that he was hungry and asked if the manager would cook him a hamburger. After he was allowed inside, Wade proceeded to let two men who were armed with guns inside where they were able to take ane escape with $3,350.40 in cash.

Reports added that the men also demanded security footage. The manager proceeded to give the men four tapes, but it was later discovered that they were for the food display and not the security footage.

Alamia and Gibbons are both charged with two counts each armed robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping.