The Gordon County Sheriff’s Office recently received a report of possible child abuse from a local health care provider. An investigation was initiated by Sheriff’s detectives spanning a period of time from 2015 to the present, in at least 3 different jurisdictions in Northwest Georgia.

Detectives interviewed a score of witnesses and executed 2 search warrants (one at a physical address and the other for mobile electronic devices). During the course of the investigation, three children, all under the age of 16, were removed from a home and taken into DFCS custody, where they reman to this date.

On Tuesday, March 21, deputy sheriffs arrested Faith Charity Hackney a/k/a Faith Wall, age 31, whose last known address was 149 Bailey Drive, Calhoun. Hackney was arrested during a court proceeding, and violently resisted arrest before being subdued by deputy sheriffs.

She has been charged with: Child Molestation, Party-to-the Crime of Incest, Cruelty to Children in the 2nd Degree ((3 counts), Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Contributing to the Deprivation of a Minor (3 counts), Influencing a Witness, and 2 counts of (felony) Obstructing Law Enforcement Officers.

Evidence in the case uncovered by detectives suggests that criminal behavior had been ongoing for some time, and also that the Defendant would move residences among different counties to evade DFCS and law enforcement attention. She appeared before a Magistrate Judge yesterday whereupon bond was denied.