Floyd County high school students strongly represented their schools and district at the Georgia High School Association’s 7-A Division I and 7-AA Region Meets for Literary Teams. In their respective regions, Coosa High and Model High teams placed first, Armuchee High and Pepperell High teams placed first runner-up, and 14 students earned first place! The first-place winner from every region in each Literary event qualifies for the State Meet. Visit www.ghsa.net/literary for the dates and schedule. 

Here are the results by school:

Armuchee High

Coach: Emily Mowery

Results: 2nd Overall Region 7-A Division I

1st in Humorous Oral Interpretation: Riley Sutton*

1st in Extemporaneous Speaking Domestic: Ryan Strickland* 

1st in International Extemporaneous Speaking: Emalee Collins*

2nd in Dramatic Interpretation: Aidan Mowery

2nd in Personal Essay: Rylan Weaver

3rd in Duo Interpretation: Bethany Cranford and Patricia Main

3rd in Argumentative Essay: Logan Hunton

4th in Boys Solo: David Lane

Coosa High

Coaches: Stacy Dean

Results: 1st Overall Region 7-A Division I

1st in Boys Solo: Zachary Wright*

1st in Boys Quartet: Will Ayers, Caden Reece, Dean White, and Zachary Wright*

1st in Dramatic Oral Interpretation: Malayla Malloy*

2nd in Duo Interpretation: Emily Lucas and Jerenya Pearson

2nd in Girls Solo: Shania McConnell

2nd in Girls Trio: Emily Lucas, Shania McConnell, and Jerenya Pearson

3rd in International Extemporaneous Speaking: Kenneth Shipman

4th in Humorous Oral Interpretation: Tori Payne

4th in Extemporaneous Speaking Domestic: Gezelle Gutierrez

Model High

Coach: Jessica Kennedy

Results: 1st Overall Region 7-AA

1st in International Extemporaneous Speaking: Sara Grace Abernathy*

1st in Personal Essay: Sara Grace Abernathy

1st in Literary Analysis Essay: Annabel Lee*

1st in Dramatic Oral Interpretation: Eva Petty*

1st in Humorous Oral Interpretation: Emi Kate Ashworth*

2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking Domestic: Walker Gallman 

2nd in Boys Quartet: Mitchell Coleman, Ricardo Espinoza, Luke Still, and Davionne Williams

3rd in Argumentative Essay: Emma Couch

3rd in Boys Solo: Davionne Williams

4th in Girls Trio: Emi Kate Ashworth, Emma Couch, and Aily Hatch 

Pepperell High

Coach: Kayla Bowman

Results: 2nd overall Region 7-A Division I

1st in Girls Solo: Gracie Hutcheson*

1st in Girls Trio: Gracie Hutcheson, Emily Martin, Ainsley Hilton*

2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking International: Peyton Owen

2nd in Boys Solo: Ryder Ashmore

2nd in Boys Quartet: Ryder Ashmore, Branton Green, Caleb Green, and Greyson Gunnells 

3rd in Humorous Oral Interpretation: Emma Ashley

4th in Literary Analysis Essay: Milo Hardy