Devyn Dakota Hooper, 25 of Cedartown, was arrested this week after reports said he viciously attacked a woman at a home on Rockmart Highway.

Officers said that when they arrived on the scene, they observed a woman with blackened eyes and fresh bruising.  Officers added that they also noticed a laceration to her left eye.

While speaking with the victim, police added that they noticed the victim’s jeans had rips in them.  Further observation results

The victim told authorities that Hooper threatened to kill her if she attempted to leave him or call for help.  She also told police that he tied her hands together during the altercation.

Reports added that the victim told police that Hooper tied several cords together and then beat her with it while telling her, “since you want to mix races,  you can take 88 licks.”  When he was finished, he then proceeded to break her cellphone and threatened her life if she told anyone.  The victim also told police that she woke up in naked in the shower and was not sure how she got there.

Later Hooper placed the victim on the ground and pressed his foot against her head.

Police went on to say that the victim had several of her teeth knocked out from the altercation.

Hooper is charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, possession of heroin, simple battery, two counts false imprisonment, terroristic threats and acts, obstruction of a person making a 911 call, criminal trespass, two felony counts of obstruction and six misdemeanor counts of obstruction.