The Chattooga County Sheriff’s office was called to a residence on Jenkins Gap Road by a complainant who said that a man had entered her house without permission. 

When Sheriff Mark Schrader and deputies arrived on the scene, the suspect was on the porch and quickly came down to where the sheriff and deputies were.  While Sheriff Schrader spoke with the suspect, identified as sixty-year-old Sherman Ray Cooper, the suspect grabbed the sheriff by the torso to try to move him.  At that point, the sheriff and deputies physically restrained Cooper.  The complainant was standing inside the house with a large knife in her hand.  According to the sheriff’s report, the woman was finding it hard to speak with law enforcement and was visibly shaken.  Deputies say that Cooper had been inside the woman’s residence without permission and that she had tricked him into stepping outside before slamming and locking the door.

Cooper was arrested and charged with simple assault, obstruction of law enforcement and criminal trespass.