An investigation into Aragon Police Chief Brad Loyd has resulted in him being demoted and placed on patrol duty.

The investigation was launched after complaints on how he handled two child abuse claims.  Loyd was placed on administrative leave in early September when the misconduct allegations surfaced.  Both incidents involved females that were assaulted by the same suspect, who turned out to the nephew of a woman Loyd had been dating.

The investigation also determined that Loyd’s failure to report an instance of alleged child abuse violated code of conduct for a police officer.

While Loyd could have been terminated, the Aragon City Council decided unanimously to reinstate him, provided he completed a six-month probationary period and received appropriate training. Once reinstated, Loyd then fired the Aragon PD assistant police chief who had reported his concerns regarding the assault investigations.

According to Aragin Mayor Debbie Pittman, Loyd was demoted on November 3rd after he failed to meet certain expectations set by the city council upon his reinstatement