Floyd County Schools’ (FCS) four-year graduation rate for the Class of 2022 of 92.6% ranks FCS in the top 25% of school systems in the state, according to data released today by the Georgia Department of Education. This rate also exceeds the State’s four-year rate of 84.1%.

“I am extremely proud of the graduation rate in Floyd County. The graduation rate is a confirmation of the dedication and effort of our teachers, administrators, and support staff. This also shows the grit of our students as they work hard to graduate from high school. I would like to thank our teachers, administrators, students, and parents for their efforts in achieving a very high graduation rate. It is a team effort from all stakeholders that achieves this kind of result,” said FCS Superintendent Dr. Glenn White.

In addition to the system graduation rate topping 92%, all four high schools in the system were also significantly above the state average in the state report. Pepperell High had the highest graduation rate in the system at 94.83%, Model High wasn’t far behind with 93.5%, Armuchee High had a rate of 93.4%, and Coosa High had a rate of 88.9% which completed the trend of all county high schools being above the state average.

“Jason Kouns, As Principal of Pepperell High School, it is my absolute privilege to congratulate the Faculty and Students on securing the highest Graduation Rate in Floyd County for 2021-2022. This accomplishment speaks to the countless hours that our Teachers have afforded in ensuring that the students at PHS are maximizing their instructional opportunities, as they refuse to let our students settle for less than their absolute best. At PHS, it is always our goal to ensure that every student walks across Dragon Field, but this is an educational journey that
requires the attention of all parties involved. Our parents are an integral piece of this puzzle, and their support of our academic charge makes a tremendous difference in how our students approach this challenge. I would certainly be remiss if I did not personally “Thank” the students at PHS for accepting this challenge and for rising to the occasion. I am always proud to be a Dragon, but today, I am even more proud to state,…We ARE PHS,…This IS Dragon Country!”