James Dale Amos, 52 of Centre, was arrested this week after reports said he fled Floyd County Police on a high-speed chase down the Loop.

Offices said that Amos fled from a traffic stop back on July 22nd of this year. Police said that during the chase, Amos fled at speeds over 40 mph the posted limit.  He then allegedly proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the roadway, break checking officers, run stop signs, run yield signs, attempt to run another vehicle off the roadway, passed vehicles in a no-passing lane, and also crossed a paved median.

Amos is charged with aggressive driving, fleeing a police officer, driving on a suspended license, passing in a no passing zone, failure to yield the right of way, running a stop sign, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, speeding, reckless driving, driving on a divided highway, failure to maintain lane.

He was captured in Cherokee County before being extradited back to Rome to face charges this week.