An 18 year-old inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Ashton Skyler Swearinger, of Aragon, is facing additional charges this week after he allegedly broke a sprinkler head in his cell.

Swearinger now is charged with crimial damage to property.

PREVIOUS March 24 2022

An 18 year-old Aragon man, Ashton Skyler Swearinger, who is an inmate at the Floyd County Jail is facing new charges after allegedly causing damage at the jail.

Reports said that Swearinger took a leg rest off another inmate’s wheelchair and used it as a club to bust a window at the jail.

He is charged with felony interference with govenment property and felony criminal damage to property.

PREVIOUS March 6 2022

Ashton Skyler Swearinger, 18 of Aragon, was arrested this week after reports said he stalked a 16 year-old female at Pepperell High School.

Police stated that Swearinger repeatedly followed the girl around the school in an attempt to force her to talk to him.  He is also accused of repeatedly calling her cellphone.

Reports went on to say that after being confronted to stop stalking the girl he told them that “they would be sorry” and that he would “deal with them”.

Swearinger is charged with stalking and terroristic threats and acts.