Dixie Specialty Fiber announced that they closing their manufacturing facility in Trion.  The closing of the business affected around 80 workers. 

The Town of Trion had donated twelve acres of land from the park to the company. 

The company informed the Town of Trion that they were ceasing all operations at the plant.  In addition to the donation of land, the Town of Trion had also give a large tax abatement to the company that was founded in 2018.   

The death of one of the owners of the company shortly after manufacturing began in Trion and the COVID-19 pandemic have been cited as reasons for the closing of the facility.

The move comes four years after then-Gov. Nathan Deal announced that Dixie Color Inc., a color resin pellets manufacturing company, was bringing up to 100 jobs and spending  “more than $19 million in a new Dixie Specialty Fibers facility in Trion.”

The ribbon-cutting was held in October 2019.

From AM 1180