Wendy Davis, a two-term Rome City Commissioner, qualified as a Democratic candidate for Congress to represent Georgia’s 14th district, filing paperwork at the State Capitol in Atlanta. 

Davis, who brought professional baseball to her hometown of Rome, is running against incumbent Marjorie Taylor Greene because she believes her neighbors deserve a Representative in Washington who looks out for the community’s needs, not a grandstanding ideologue. 

“I’m running for Congress because it’s been far too long since we’ve had somebody grinding it out for us in Washington,” Davis said. “We’ve got a Congress full of folks who want to play ball, but they forget they’re supposed to be on our team.”

Davis said she was motivated to run because she feels the area has been let down by its Representatives in Washington for years, and because the current representative has completely taken her eye off the ball when it comes to looking out for her constituents.

“Our community hasn’t been represented in a long time, and since January 2021, it’s been utterly neglected,” Davis continued. “I’ve watched my friends and neighbors struggle. I’ve seen that we need change. And I believe that change starts by sending somebody who has lived here, walked our streets, and worked in our community to truly represent us in Congress.”

Davis hopes the May Primary will bring Democrats together in support of the candidate who can build a winning coalition in November to rid the 14th District of a congresswoman who brings lots of negative attention, but very little in terms of results. Having earned the endorsements of twenty-eight state legislators, thirty city and county leaders and nineteen former elected officials, the message is clear – Georgians are backing Wendy Davis for Congress. 

“Accountability isn’t a word Marjorie knows very well, but we can show her what it means by replacing her in Congress. As the Representative from this district, I plan to listen, not rant. I’ll sit down with anybody who wants to work to make Georgia a better place to live, work, and raise a family, and I’ll look out for veterans, business owners, and all Georgians who believe in an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work,” Davis said.

“And maybe most importantly, I’ll work every day to make the people in this area proud. You won’t see me standing with white nationalists or Russian dictators, because I’ll always be standing with you.”