Floyd County Schools Superintendent Glenn White proposed a pay raise for both certified and classified employees in the 2023 budget on Monday night.

White said that the move comes as an effort to make the school system remain competitive as compared to surrounding schools. 

White’s proposals outline that classified employees would receive a raise of $1 an hour.  Classified employees include positions such as paraprofessionals, clerical positions, custodians, and any other employees who are paid by the hour.

Certified employees would receive an 8% local supplement raise.  The total amount would depend on the teacher’s salary.   Those positions not only include teachers, but counselors and administrators.

The proposal also includes a bump in the salary schedules.  Currently, teachers top out after 21 years.  The proposal would increase to 25 years.

White is also proposing that Pre-K teachers and Pre-K paraprofessionals be put on the same salary schedule and classification as other teachers and paraprofessionals.

White said that the closing of Cave Spring Elementary and Glenwood Primary would help offset the teacher raises.

The new pay scale looks to increase the budget by $600,000 for classified employees, $175,000 for classified salary increases, $1.3 million for the local supplement, and $385,000 for the certified salary increase.

The 2023 budget is still being worked on and is not expected to be ready until June.