Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

I am so happy to be back writing my annual “Thankful” column.  After my mom passed last year, I simply could not make myself write one.

So, with that being said, there’s so much to be thankful for this year, even though the world seems to thrive on being argumentative and other people’s failures.

Here goes nothing.

I am thankful that my wife Cassie is nearly as forgiving as Jesus.  Putting up with me isn’t the easiest job in the world, but she does a fantastic job at it.  I mean how many times can one leave an empty water bottle and Reece’s Peanut butter cup wrapper on and end table without seeking the wrath of a bride?

Speaking of… I am so very grateful for that delicious little chocolate peanut butter cup. Is there a better way to end a hard day than to enjoy a chilled cup? Nope, I couldn’t think of a better way either.

I am thankful for longtime radio personality Sam Thomas. I have been working part time with Sam at WJTH AM 900/FM 101.7 in Calhoun since 2001.  Mr. Thomas cares more for the Gordon County community than anyone I’ve ever met. With his 90th birthday around the corner his passion for working (yes, he still puts in over 40 hours a week) is unmatched. I am not only thankful for the opportunity to get to get my radio fix every Friday in the fall, but getting the opportunity to know such a wonderful and hardworking human being is such a blessing.  

For DVR and DirectTV. With my work schedule there’s no way I could ever watch my favorite programming without it. I remember as a kid having to go outside and turn the antenna while my dad would stand at the door and be like “a little more to the left”, “too far”, ect.. ect..  Kids today will never know the struggle with all the technology they have.

I am thankful that attendance at sporting events is back.  Life is too short not to enjoy. It was so nice to be sitting with 92K of fellow football fans this fall. 

I am thankful for yet getting older, and fatter (see Reece’s above) God has still granted me the ability to keep going and have good health this year.  Yes, even though things are squeaking a little more and  the body is getting  little tighter I can still “go” at the wonderful age of 40.

I am thankful for a perfect regular season for the beloved Georgia Dogs.  Yes, I know we have Tech this weekend, but I am more worried about the team’s bus breaking down than I am losing that game.

I am thankful for “I love you ,dad”.

I am thankful for Sunday services at Northside and our Sunday school family.

My freinds, co-workers and everyone who makes me laugh, pick up up or give me a “you matter”, I’m thankful for all ya’ll.

I am thankful for our readers. Without y’all CVN wouldn’t be getting ready to celebrate its 16th anniversary next year.

Finally, even though my mom and dad are no longer with me to celebrate the holidays I am ever so thankful for all the memories I have made with them.  Holidays are not the same when your parents are gone. So for each of you go and enjoy the moments.   Get off your phone and have a conversation.  Listen about the “old days” about the “remember when’s”, you won’t regret it. I sure do miss seeing “mom” or “dad” on the caller ID.

God bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season