Polk County Police arrested John Caleb Dixon, 28, and Lauren Renee Trussell, 28, both of Cedartown, this week after they were found in possession of drugs while stopped on Main Street at Title Max.

Officers stated that while conducting a traffic stop they noticed Dixon, who was a passenger, attempting to hide something.  They added that they also observed a yellow pill, which turned out to be Gabapentin.

A search was then conducted, leading officers to find additional Gabapentin, methamphetamine, suspected liquid meth in a syringe, three glass smoking pipes, and a large knife.

Neither party owned up to ownership of the items.

Police went on to say that at one point in the arrest Trussell leaned over to get something out of her pocket.  They added that they later found a busted meth pipe in the floorboard where she had been sitting.

Both were charged with possession of meth, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, drugs not in original container and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime.

Trussell is additionally charged with a tag light violation, tampering with evidence and crossing a guard line with drugs.