Hunter Douglas Reed, 19 of Lindale, was arrested this week after reports said he fired a gun toward a home on Kingston Road.  Reports added that the shots went  through a window while five people were inside.

Police went on to say that he did so while being under the influence of alcohol and within 50 yards of a public Highway. Police added that he then illegally entered the home and burglarized it.

Reed is also accused of stealing a vehicle before fleeing the scene. He was later found on Riverbend Drive just after 4 am Sunday morning.  A search of the car resulted in police locating an open container and a firearm under the driver’s seat. 

He also allegedly threatened four officers with violence and then proceeded to resist arrest. 

Reed is charged with five counts of Reckless conduct, felony theft by taking, first-degree burglary, discharging a firearm under the influence of alcohol or drugs, discharging a firearm near a public Street, driving without insurance, obstruction of law enforcement, four counts of terroristic threats and acts, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, underage possession of alcohol, open container, DUI, and theft by taking a motor vehicle.