Katie Lynn Shellhorse, 22, of Cedartown, was arrested this week after reports said she lied about having cancer and defrauding over $15,000 from community members offering her help.

According to Polk Today, Shellhorse “admitted as much in a Facebook posting that was copied by others in screenshot and is available below, but the original was later deleted.”

Reports added, the case against her began when police received a report on April 27 about the potential false claims of having cancer, and suspicious statements about her diagnosis.

A nearly monthlong investigation found that Shellhorse didn’t have terminal cancer despite telling many she had.  Police said she received close to $15,000 in donations during that time from churches, citizens of the community and other fundraising efforts.

Shellhorse was charged with felony theft by deception.

The exact amount that was raised and given to Shellhorse due to her claims of having cancer is not yet fully determined, and additional victims are still being located. Those who have donated to Shellhorse are asked to contact Detective Bowman at the Polk County Police at 678-246-5107 to speak to detectives about the incident.