Well wasn’t that fun? I will begin by patting myself on the back for correctly predicting the winners of all seven SEC games this past weekend. Yes, even the Miss State-LSU game. In fairness, the SEC made it a little easy with the matchups they offered. It gets a somewhat more difficult this weekend. But not much.

Missouri at Tennessee: One change in the world of covid is the SEC front loaded Tennessee with easy games rather than backloading it as usual. Tennessee pulled out the win over South Carolina Saturday and will likely find Missouri accommodating as well. The Vol Navy will watch from their boats, since most cannot go into the stadium, with satisfaction as the Volunteers make it to 2-0.

Tennessee 31 Missouri 21.

South Carolina at Florida: The Gamecocks fumbled away an opportunity to go for the win late in the game against Tennessee. Florida lit up the scoreboard against Ole Miss. However, the Gator defense took some abuse in that game. Getting four starters on defense back for Saturday should help them regain some defensive swagger. The offense should thrive again this week. Without fans, the Swamp will not be as daunting as usual, but it should not matter this weekend.

Florida 42 South Carolina 21.

Texas A&M at Alabama: Alabama leapt out to a big lead against Missouri and then seemed to throw it into cruise control. Saban will not allow that against the Aggies. Meanwhile, Texas A&M was fortunate to survive a home scare by Vandy. The Aggies are not as bad as some folks think after week one. They are also not good enough to win this one in Tuscaloosa. Jimbo starts to feel some heat.

Alabama 48 Texas A&M 17

Ole Miss at Kentucky: This is a difficult one to handicap. Common sense tells me that Kentucky SHOULD be a better team than Mississippi. Kentucky has high expectations for this season and those will be all but destroyed with an 0-2 start to the season. And then came Lane Kiffen. Wildcat fans might be looking at the new schedule to see when basketball season begins by Sunday.

Ole Miss 31 Kentucky 24

Arkansas at Miss State: The Bulldogs set records in week one on offense. That is so Mike Leach. It also had a lot to do with an LSU team that is a depleted as any reigning national champion ever. The Air Raid offense will not sail like that for the Pirate against all the SEC defenses. But it will against Arkansas. That illusive Razorback conference win will remain a dream for now.

Miss State 38 Arkansas 14

LSU at Vanderbilt: Yes, LSU was beaten soundly by the Pirate. Yes, Vandy played Texas A&M tough. None of that will matter this week. Vandy will play LSU tough for a least a half and then both teams will remember who they are, and the world will get less 2020 for a week.

LSU 28 Vandy 10

Auburn at Georgia: This is the premier matchup in the SEC this week. Common sense tells me that Georgia should win this by double-digits. Yes, the Bulldogs have concerns at quarterback but that is really the only position that is an issue in Athens. Auburn has concerns of its own and the offense will struggle against what promises to be a dominant Georgia defense.

Georgia 24 Auburn 14.