Demarius Tyrese Hodges, 17 of Rome, was taken from the YDC to the Floyd County Jail this week after he allegedly threatened gang violence to an officer.

Reports said that on October 10th Hodges popped his sprinkler in his cell. When officers went to retrieve the pieces he blocked his door, preventing officers from gaining entry.  It was at that point Hodges began to yell that he and the Bloods (gang) will shoot up their house when he gets out.  The report stated that Hodges is quoted to say, “Hoe, I don’t give a f***, bit** ass hoe, on blood I got Racks. I get out the 15th, better watch your back”.

The officer went on to report that Hodges knew where the she lived and in fact she lived three blocks from the accused.

Hodges is also charged with failing to remain under house arrest and wear an ankle monitor between March 30 and August 31st.  Reports stated that he failed to charge his monitor 42 times during that period.  Then between September 2 and 25th he never charged the device at all.

Hodges is charged with terroristic threats and acts, felony interference with government property, felony obstruction, unlawful association with a criminal street gang, and removal of electronic monitoring device.