Days after Rome Mayor Bill Collins stood firmly behind the city mandating mask a photo surfaced of Collins back in early July with him celebrating with Atlanta-based Playa Azul Media Studios and members of the well known rap band Nappy Roots.

Collins on Monday despite pleas from community members to look at evidence based research regarding the non-use of mask had his mind already made up about how “important” mask are to our community.  However, in a photo obtained through Athens based OnlineAthens, you can clearly see Collins not wearing his mask and celebrating with out-of-towners.

(Collins pictured back row, 5 from left in the white shirt)

The photo has been shared online in regards to Collins. Community members have already launched a campaign against Collins stating that he is asking the community to do something he has already failed to do. In an effort, community members are stating that Collins is a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of leader.

The story ( posted on July 5, 2020 came the day before 25 citizens were admitted to Floyd County Hospitals, and two days later 30 individuals admitted.

Ironically, the biggest hits from the Nappy Roots, “AwNaw”.