Jesse William Tapp, 36 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he got “real close” to a woman’s face before spitting in it.

Tapp then allegedly grabbed the woman’s cellphone and tossed it on the ground, causing it to break. He then proceeded to take a second cellphone belonging to the victim.

Reports added that Tapp has a history of abuse.

Tapp is charged with simple assault, theft by taking and criminal trespass.


Jesse William Tapp, 34 of Rome, was arrested this week after police said he slashed another person’s car tires at a home on Pinecrest Drive.

Reports said that the victim told police that Tapp came into his home bleeding before running away from the scene.

He added that when he walked outside his noticed his tires had been slashed and blood at the scene.

Tapp is charged with criminal trespass.


Jesse William Tapp, 33 of Rome, was arrested on numerous drug charges following a traffic stop at the intersection of Shorter Avenue and South Hughes Street.

Report stated that officers pulled Tapp over following three “BOLO’s” on a vehicle that matched the description of the one Tapp was found driving.

Officers said that during the stop Tapp admitted to using alcohol and pills.

Reports went on to state that a search of the vehicle was conducted and marijuana, synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a dental tool with suspected hash oil was found.  Three firearms were also found in the vehicle.

Tapp is charged with DUI, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, drug related objects, two counts of possession of marijuana, and possession of synthetic marijuana.