Austin Gage Barton, an 18 year-old Rome man who arrested earlier this week for committing a sex crime against a mentally ill woman is now facing rape and other charges.

Reports said that Barton “penetrated the woman’s vagina by force” as she was “trying to fight him off”.

The victim also told police that Barton threatened to kill her when she refused to send him nude photographs of her.

Reports added that Barton proceeded to allegedly place the victim under video surveillance and followed her at her home and around Rome.

Barton is now charged with rape, stalking, terroristic threats and acts, theft by extortion, exploitation of a disabled adult and simple battery.   



Austin Gaige Barton, 18 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he engaged in sodomy with a mentally handicapped woman.

The victim reported that she begged him to stop but Barton continued to force himself inside of her anus.

Reports added that the acts caused the victim to suffer mental and physical pain.

The alleged incident occurred back in October at the College and Career Academy.

He was also wanted for an incident that occurred earlier this year. Reports said that he sold another’s weedeater without their approval.  Police added that the act was admitted to Adairsville police by Barton.

Barton is charged with aggravated sodomy, theft by deception and exploitation and two counts exploitation of a disabled adult.