Curtis Eugene Hamilton, 34 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week after reports said he attacked a woman whom he shared a residence with on Woodberry Drive.

Reports said that Hamilton grabbed the woman and forced her against the wall and a trash can.

Reports added that Hamilton then stood above the victim while screaming and flailing his fist and arms, all while placing her in fear of her life.

While attempting to call 911 Hamilton proceeded to forcibly take her phone and smash it against the ground.

He also allegedly damaged a 50 inch TV, coffee table, and coffee pot.

The incident occurred in front of a 1 year-old child.

While being placed under arrest police found suspected Tramadol pills that were not in their original container.

Hamilton is charged with four counts drugs not in original container, criminal damage to property, hindering a person making a 911 call, simple assault, cruelty to children, four counts possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, misd probation violation, felony probation violation and failure to appear.