First responders were dispatched to the area of a residence on Clark Circle in Acworth on Sunday morning at around 2:20 in regards to a fight in progress where an individual had been stabbed.

A deputy found a 41-year-old Cartersville man in the driver’s seat of a truck with a wound on the right side of his chest and his clothing soaked with blood. 41-year-old Angela Erickson of Acworth was rendering aid.

Fire services and other deputies rendered aid until EMS arrived on scene. The patient was transported to Kennestone Hospital.

Erickson was detained during this time and placed in a patrol vehicle. She gave the following statement:

Erickson said that they were traveling on Glade Road when he became angry. He pulled onto Clark Circle and began hitting her in the head and neck. During this time, she reached into her purse, retrieved her folded pocket knife, and opened it in the hopes that it would scare him and make him stop.

He lunged at her and Erickson stabbed him in the chest one time. He then got out of the truck and was freaking out. A deputy did notice a large amount of blood on the ground around the truck.

She then got him to get back in the truck and began rendering aid. Erickson had a small cut on her right hand from the knife.

The incident report made available to the public did not have a statement from the stabbing victim.

Angela Erickson was transported to the Bartow County Jail, turned over to staff, and charged with aggravated assault.

From WBHF radio