Bartow County deputies were dispatched to a residence on State Route 61 in Cartersville this week in reference to a report of aggravated assault.

The alleged victim said that she and her live-in boyfriend, 27-year-old Jimmy May Junior, had gotten into an argument about the whereabouts of his mobile phone. She said while she was sitting in her Ford Explorer, May opened the door, grabbed her by a leg, drug her out on the ground, and pushed her face into the dirt.

She said they continued to argue as she reached inside a Dodge Durango, picked up May’s mobile phone, and handed it to him. She said that May threw his phone back into the Durango, grabbed her by the throat strangling her to the ground, opened the door of the Explorer, grabbed her pistol, grabbed her throat again, put the gun to her head saying he was going to kill her, and shot two rounds in the ground by her head.

She said when she called 911, he jumped into her Durango with her gun and drove away. She said both she and May had been drinking that morning. She refused medical attention at the scene.

A deputy located May on Lucas Road near the gas lines. The deputy arrested May and found a nine millimeter round in his left front pocket. The stolen pistol and magazine were located at the scene.

Jimmy May Junior was charged with aggravated assault with a gun, aggravated assault by strangulation, family violence battery, and two counts of felony theft by taking.

From WBHF radio