Longtime local county music radio station FM 107.1 has made major changes this week.  According to reports, the lease between Womans World Broadcasting, and Cox broadcasted was ended early this week and in the process ending the country music format.  Cox had been simulcasting WNGC out of Athens, but sources state that sales and ratings were not meeting standards.

Cox took over after Rome Radio Parenters and Southern Broadcasting lost the lease agreement several years ago.  The FM 107.1 station was long known as a local powerhouse for cournty music in northwest Georgia.  The 100,000 watts reached from Atlanta to Chattanooga, making it the most powerful signal in the area.

The station as of this week was taken over by “La Raza 102.3” WLKQ  inBuford, which is owned by Greg Davis.

WTSH is a Class C1 licensed to Aragon, Georgia. While Woman’s World is moving translator W296BB Jonesboro a bit further to the northeast, and geo-synchronizing with WTSH. (The goal is to minimize the inevitable interference where the two signals meet.) The Atlanta-area AM dial has existing stations such as Esquivel’s Spanish contemporary WPLO Grayson/610 and Prieto’s WFTD Marietta/1080. Greg Davis himself owns a Spanish contemporary AM, “La Mega Atlanta 1290” WCHK Canton.

The move left many wondering why. The agreement between Woman’s World and Cox says terms were for 8 years which began June 23, 2014.

Northwest Georgia country music fans must now turn their dials over to AM 900 or FM 101.7 WJTH to get their country fix.