Tajai Quevonte Neal, 19 of Rome, was arrested this week after police said he broke into several vehicles on Darlington Way, East 10th Street and Eastridge Court.

Reports stated that Neal was captured after police heard glass shatter while investigating a 911 call on Eastridge Court.

Neal was found with $168 in cash, a .45 caliber handgun, large stainless steel knife, a brown wallet, a Coach wallet, numerous driver’s license,  and a Samsung Smart Watch which had been reported stolen.

Police went on to say that while being transported to the jail Neal maneuvered his hands, which were handcuffed behind him, to the front of his body where he unfastened his seat belt.  The transporting officer stopped his patrol car on North Broad Street to resecure Neal and at that time Neal escaped and fled away on foot.

He was recaptured after a shot foot chase.

Neal is charged with 7 counts breaking into an automobile, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, possession of marijuana, escape and obstruction of police.