Michael Elias Peschel, 28 of Rome, has been arrested for the second time in two weeks for beating a woman.

Reports said that this time Peschel got a wood pole with a metal tip and beat a woman repeatedly, leaving her with serious injury.

Authorities added that Peschel intended to murder the woman Wednesday at his residence, 318 North Elm Street.

The woman was left with serious head and eye injuries as well as cuts to her left arm.

 Peschel is charged with aggravated assault and battery.

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Michael Elias Peschel, 28 of Rome, was arrested after police said he slammed a woman against the wall and proceeded to hold her down by her arms and wrist.

Reports added that the woman suffered a sprung wrist in the process.

Authorities went on to say that Peschel broke the woman’s cellphone in an effort to prevent her from dialing 911 or help.

The altercation occurred at a home on North Elm Street.

Peschel is charged with battery, criminal trespass and obstructing a person making a 911 call.