The Rome Aerials Gymnastics Team is finishing a strong season qualifying 2 athletes to Regional Championships.  BriAnna Hibberts has qualified to the Level 7 Regionals in Athens, GA, while Blythe Crabbe has qualified to the Level 9/10 Regional Championships in Bradenton, FL.  Levels 6-10 are finishing their seasons in the next few weeks, while Levels 3-Xcel are in the home stretch.

Head Coach Matt Zollitsch says “I am extremely proud of BriAnna and Blythe making it to Regionals.  They have definitely put in the time, effort and dedication it takes to become a Regional Qualifier. “

Blythe has a chance to make the National Championships should she qualify among 28 other athletes in her age division.

The Gymnastics Team is growing and is always looking for coaches.  If you would like to contact the Gymnastics Program, please email Matt Zollitsch: [email protected].