The Polk School District has confirmed that two cases of tuberculosis have been reported in the system.

Reports said that one of the cases was reported at Cedartown Middle and the other at Cherokee Elementary.  Sources indicate that the two positive cases are kin to each other.

The school system will be performing TB test this week as a precaution to anyone who may have come in contact with the two positive students.

Public health officials say the confirmed TB cases are being treated at home and do not present a danger to others.

Tuberculosis is a infectious bacterial disease that is best known for affecting the lungs of a patient, but can impact other parts of the body It is characterized by nodules the bacteria grow once infecting tissues which resemble tubers.

Tuberculosis is mainly spread through contact with the tiny droplets of moisture released through coughs and sneezes from one infected individual to the next.

Reports added that the school system was notified of the cases last week.

Click here to read a letter that was sent home by the school system