On Tuesday afternoon (January 16), Gordon County deputy sheriffs from Clayton County called on the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office for assistance in locating and arresting a fugitive wanted in connection with a recent (Saturday night) homicide in Clayton County. Gordon County deputies and detectives along with Clayton County deputies followed a lead which led them to a local motel near Resaca. There, detectives utilized physical and electronic surveillance to locate Dantae Lamar Jones, age 22, of Clayton County. Jones, alone, had barricaded himself within a room. Deputies rapidly breached the barricade and surprised Jones, who was arrested without incident. Officers subsequently executed a search warrant in the room in search of physical evidence connected with the murder. Jones was returned to Clayton County where he faces charges. Jones was listed as Number 2 on the Clayton County Sheriff’s “Most Wanted” list, and was “considered armed and dangerous”.

Sheriff Mitch Ralston said, “This arrest was an excellent example of teamwork among sheriffs together as we rapidly resolved a most serious case. I commend my staff and the Clayton County deputies for this quick apprehension.”