Two Romans, Danielle Marie Duensing, 19, and Daniel Ira Fruhling, 19, were arrested at an apartment on Redmond Circle after police said they found marijuana while investigating a disturbance between the two.

Reports said that when Fruhling opened the door to the home they detected a strong sent of marijuana from inside. Police added that while questioning him he became loud and boisterous before attempting to close the door on officers, preventing them from checking on the welfare of a woman inside.

After a brief struggle, Fruhling was taken into custody.

Police went on to say that marijuana was sitting on a table in plain view.

They added that Duensing then went on to become disorderly when she used profane language at police.  Duensing also attempted to pull away from officers when they attempted to put her under arrest.

Both are charged with possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and obstruction