An investigation has been launched into a sexual battery claim against the Vice President of Student Affairs at Shorter University Corey Humphries.

Reports stated that the alleged victim said that Humphries became “handsy” with her when he massaged her shoulders, played with her hair and touched her inner thighs and private area with his hands.

The complainant said that the assault occurred in July as they and others worked out in the school gym.

Reports went on to say that she told Humphries to stop before leaving the gym.

It was later the report stated that Humphries verbally harassed the victim numerous times.

The victim said that she reported the incident to Shorter University’s HR department; however, she stated that the harassment continued the next day.

The victim said that she then tried to speak with University President Don Dowless but was informed that he had “an attorney take over the investigation”.

On October 25,  the victim also filed a written complaint with the human resources department stating that Humphries “suddenly began to be very callous towards her and had an attitude and demeanor that he might physically harm her.”

According to the victim, it is standard procedure at the school for a person with a harassment complaint to be placed on leave until the investigation is complete.  As of press time Humphries was still working at the school.

Humphries came to Shorter in July 2012 after having worked as the Assistant Dean of Campus Life at Charleston Southern University.