Deon Lamon Watkins, 34 of Rome, was arrested this week after he allegedly hit a woman with his fist as children looked on before running down the street in an attempt to escape police capture.

Police stated that after being captured he preceded to head-butt the window of a Rome city police car.  Watkins then was transferred to a Sheriff’s vehicle, where he again head-butted the back window of that car as well.   The police car suffered extensive damage.

Authorities went on to say that on the way to the jail Watkins made threats against them.

Watkins is charged with aggravated stalking, obstruction of law enforcement, simple battery, cruelty to children, two counts of felony obstruction, criminal damage to property, interference with government property, escape, terroristic threats and acts, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and 3rd degree cruelty to children.