Billy  Joe Maynor, 49 of Rome, was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly attacked physically assaulted a 24 year-old woman.

Reports said that  Maynor allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck and prevented her from breathing.  Reports added that Maynor then dragged her for about 15 feet before body slamming her on a concrete driveway.

The victim said that the attack resulted in her having involuntary movements in her legs.

Authorities stated that the incident occurred on June 15th at a home on Cole Road.

Reports went on to say that Maynor also attacked a 31 year-old man’s car at a home on Azalea Street on May 26th.

The victim said that Maynor slashed the both rear tires of his vehicle.

Maynor is charged with aggravated assault, possession of meth, possession of drug related objects, criminal trespass and probation violation.