An investigation spanning 3 months resulted in two (2) arrests this week. The investigation, which was initiated in February, involved the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement authorities.

William Hoyt Whittenburg, age 48, of 320 Waterford Drive, Calhoun, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by deputy sheriffs in a commercial parking lot on State Route 53 in Calhoun and involved over a kilo(gram) of cocaine.

A second individual whose name is being withheld was also arrested at the scene. Whittenburg has been charged with: Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine, Trafficking in Cocaine, Multiple counts of Possession of Schedule II Narcotics, Possession of Schedule IV Narcotics, Possession of Drug Related Paraphenalia, and 39 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.

A search warrant was executed at Whittenburg’sresidence at 320 Waterford Drive yesterday afternoon (May 3rd) with Sheriff’s detectives taking computers and other electronic devices taken into custody. The investigation is expanding and more arrests are probable before this case reaches a grand jury.