Cassandra Fulmer, 25 of Rome, is now facing additional charges after being arrested for burglary and more on Wednesday.

Reports said that Fulmer was charged with felony identity theft and felony exploitation of an elder for victimizing a 70 year-old man back in November of 2016.

Reports said that Fulmer fraudulently used the elderly man’s bank card, which caused him to suffer a loss of resources as well as a great deal of mental anguish.

Theft of data continued to be responsible for the most stolen identities in 2016.


Cassandra Joy Fulmer, 25 of Rome, was arrested on Tuesday after she allegedly removed a credit card from a mailbox that did not belong to her.

Reports said that Fulmer was also found with a debit card that she used another’s information to obtain.

She was also accused of having a checkbook that was stolen from a home on Walenda Drive.

In addition she is accused of removing a refrigerator from a home that she was evicted from.  She then proceeded to post a photo of the fridge on a social media yard sale page in attempt to sell it.

Fulmer is charged with burglary, identity fraud, financial transaction card theft, possession of meth, theft by taking, possession of drug related objects and having a cracked windshield.